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Below outlines the various ways to obtain and install whatsthis.

From binary

Download the latest release of whatsthis for your platform and extract the tarball:

wget whatsthis_<version>_<os>_<arch>.tar.gz
tar zxvf whatsthis_<version>_<os>_<arch>.tar.gz

The tarball will extract the readme, license, and the pre-compiled binary.

From source

To build and install whatsthis directly from source run:

git clone
cd whatsthis

The default make command will run go build and produce a whatsthis binary in the root directory.

From go

To download using the go get command run:

go get

The executable object file location will exist at ${GOPATH}/bin/whatsthis

Architecture support

Releases include binaries for x86-64 (amd64) as well as some initial support for ARMv8 (arm64). The ARMv8 architecture does not have the same cpuid capabilities in place as x86-64 does. As such the virtualization detection on ARMv8 is not functional.

Architecture Support
x86-64 yes
ARMv8 limited
ARMv6 none
ppc64le none
s390x none
x86 none

Operating system support

whatsthis was developed with Linux based OSes in mind.

Operating System Support
Linux yes
Darwin none
FreeBSD none
Windows none

FreeBSDs does not mount /proc by default and /sys is replaced by sysctl. whatsthis could learn how to use sysctl down the road. This could also help enable Darwin support.

Additionally, Windows support could be learned by looking at the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).