Ubuntu Release Info

02 November 2018
ubuntu snap release

Ubuntu Release Info

I recently needed a way to more easily gather a list of supported releases of Ubuntu and preferably installed via PyPI. There exists the distro-info package in Ubuntu that is updated after release. The problem is it needs to be updated after a new release and when embedded inside a snap that means twice a year maintenance.

The solution was to develop a Python app that would query the data found in changelogs.ubuntu.com as that is kept up to date after each release. This does mean making two small file downloads.


How to Install

As this is a snap it is installed easily via the snap store:

snap install ubuntu-release-info

You can also use it via PyPI:

pip3 install ubuntu-release-info


The app takes a particular query and prints out the release codenames matching it. Below is a list of the possible queries:


Bugs, Feature Requests, Questions

If you encounter an issue, have a feature request or idea for something new, or have questions about the tool feel free to file a GitHub issue!


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