Ubuntu Membership

18 January 2018

I ended 2017 with becoming an official Ubuntu member. Getting my membership was something I wanted to do for a while; the hardest part of which was getting my application all together. I recommend it to anyone who has contributed to Ubuntu for an extended period of time and is still not a member. For folks looking for an open source project to contribute to, have a favorite software that you would like to package up, or interested in other areas like testing or translations I also suggest getting involved!

Along with the new year, I migrated my blog from Jekyll to Hugo. This year I hope to have more posts about topics I am working on and side projects I am spending time on.

Onward and upward to 2018! Happy New Year!

Ubuntu Release Info

02 November 2018
ubuntu snap release

Ubuntu Bug Triage

26 October 2018
ubuntu snap bug triage

Ubuntu 18.10 Released

19 October 2018
ubuntu cosmic
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