Ubuntu Bug Triage

26 October 2018
ubuntu snap bug triage

Ubuntu Bug Triage

Get involved and help fix Ubuntu bugs! Obtain a list of bugs for an Ubuntu team or package that were created or updated yesterday.

Users can further define the number of days to triage to increase the number of bugs found, the output type to allow machine readable output, or set the behavior to open the bugs in a browser and immediately begin bug triage.


How to Install

As this is a snap it is installed easily via the snap store:

snap install ubuntu-bug-triage


Below is usage for the app:

ubuntu-bug-triage [team|package]

For example, to find bugs updated in the lsat 30 days for the libvirt package a user would run:

ubuntu-bug-triage libvirt 30


Bugs, Feature Requests, Questions

If you encounter an issue, have a feature request or idea for something new, or have questions about the tool feel free to file a GitHub issue!


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