A Year of Blogging in Review

27 May 2019

Throughout 2018 I made an effort to blog at least twice a month on average. I made this challenge to myself as a personal goal to continue to write about things I have learned and to give myself motivation to continue trying new technologies, creating new things, and sharing what I have done. After 27 posts in 2018, I successfully accomplished that goal.


Over the course of the year I have picked up various learning’s that made the challenge successful:


Throughout last year, and after some recent reflection, I made a number of changes to the blog:


I took the first part of 2019 off from writing posts in order to take a break, think about what I wanted to do next, and to focus on some personal life items (e.g. propose and start planning a wedding).

I really enjoyed writing many of the posts, if only for my own sharing and synthesis of something I learned. Additionally, I am currently starting to look at a larger project where I would blog as I learn new things.

Onward to more blogging in 2019, 2020, and beyond.

Hosting Hugo Site on GitHub Pages

08 February 2018